Shane McDonough

I am a year old developer. My GitHub is shanemcdo. I have public repositories. I have been on github for years.




Tetrjs Gameplay

TetrJS is my fourth Tetris clone that I've wrote. This time I wrote it using vanilla javascript and used DOM manipulation to display the board


Snake Game

This project was made just using vanilla javascript and dom manipulation to display the snake. I enjoy this game and I even made it so you can play on mobile by swiping. One interesting Challenge of this game was changing the width of the snake based on position in the tail.

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral

I've liked the aesthetics of the Fibonacci spiral for quite a long time now. I implemented this using the P5js Library and some simple mathmatical calculations to find when to repeat. The colorscheme for this infinite spiral is based off of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run.

Spiral Polygon

Spiral Polygon

This project I also made in P5js. It is very interactive and has many different parameters A user can change these parameters and then share what they've made using qrcode that takes them to this website but with different parameters